Photo Gallery 6:
Here are some pictures of EWMA members.

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Bryce and Liz Custer

Bryce was too impatient to wait for the retrieval boat to fetch his plane. Liz is making sure he doesn't sink.

Jerry Franks

Retired from AT&T after more than 37 years, Jerry first flew R/C planes around 1965 and got active again after a 40 year lapse. This time around he enjoys flying electrics -- no cleanup. You can tell from the picture that jerry is really taking things easy these days.

Donnie Bowlin

Donnie will always greet you with a smile. He is an outgoing fellow and a great addition to the club. He is a huge UT fan. Donnie says, "I have been flying less than 3 years and learn something new every time I go to the field. I love to fly." As you can see from from his clothing and the background in the picture, the weather doen't keep Donnie away.

Lew Wallace

Lew is surronded by his admiring fan club. These boys were certainly fascinated with his work on a 1940's Buccaneer old-timer. Lew said this photo captured the kids eagerness (which he could see but you can't) just right from their posture. What 'ya want to bet that these fellows will have their own model plane some day?

Doc Bradford

This beautiful Top Flight Stinson Reliant kit took two years (off and on) to build. This IMAA legal plane has a 100.5 inch wingspan and weights 28 pounds. Dudley Pitts took it up for its maiden flight and said it was a dream to fly. One of the reasons for the superior performance is Doc's wonderful ability to build.

Jim Aldendifer

Since joining the club, Jim is a regular at the field and at meetings. Looks like his biplane is needing some attention.