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Photo Gallery 5:
Here are some pictures of EWMA members.

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Jason Cole

Jason was on the US team for the FAI F3K World Championship for Model Gliders in July 2019. F3K is an FAI competition class for hand-launch gliders. These sailplanes have a 1.5-meter wingspan and you launch them by holding onto a peg in the wingtip, spinning around to generate speed then letting go. The sailplanes shoot into the air upward of 200-plus feet.

Contests usually last for two days, and contestants fly anywhere from 10 to 15 rounds total. The pilot with the highest score at the end wins.

The F3K World Championship took place in Jakabszállás, Hungary. Six pilots and two team managers were scheduled to attend from the US. A lot of logistics are always involved, including contest fees, flights, hotels, rental cars, food, and more. It was an honor to go and represent the US.

Richard Leverone

Rich has a new recruit for the club and she already dons a COMA hat (Cutie of the Month Award).

Jim Gilliland

In the past, Jim was the vice president of EWMA, an office he held for 22 years. He is seen in this picture leaving the parking lot and heading for the club's pavilion.

Greg and Benjamin Callahan

Greg and his son are avid flyers. To see this father and son team interacting together is neat. Greg often times Benjamin's flights so his son will know exactly how long he has been up in the air and have an idea of how much battery power remains. It's amazing how proficient our younger pilots can become in such a short period of time and at such a youthful age -- Benjamin is certainly one of them.

Sam Talley

Sam is holding a Graupner BO 209 Monsun. He likes to experiment with all kinds of aircraft. One of his facinations is building micro planes.

Amos Wilson

Amos is preparing his airplane for another go in the sky. The plane is orange so your webmaster judiciously chose not to show it. Go Vandy!