Photo Gallery 4:
Here are some pictures of EWMA members.

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Charles Levy

Charles enjoys traveling with his wife and looks forward to the day that he can retire and spend more time flying with club members.

Peter Collins

Peter is a retired record producer in Nashville who has produced many well known celebrities. Now that's some pretty high flying!

Victor Mattingly

Victor is a returning member to the club after a long absence--he became a family man. Vic is well remembered as showing up at the field to fly in his business suit. Since we couldn't fly after 3:00 and he wanted to fly, he came during his lunch time.

Gerry "ElektroCodger" Doubleday

Gerry lives in North Carolina but has been a loyal EWMA member since 2001. When in Nashville, he always makes sure he stops by the field to get some stick time. For a while, Gerry was the only one at his North Carolina Macon Aero Modelers club flying electric powered planes but now almost all are doing so. At his NC club, he is known as "ElektroCodger." His thumbnail picture on this page will take you to a beautiful P-38. On the first day that she flew, a motor blew and Gerry had to fly and land on the remaining one -- a belly landing ensued. He says it actually flew pretty well on just one motor with the counter rotating prop. Gerry also said that the P-38 was a difficult project (so many wires) but the result was worth it.

Joseph Elbon

At a breakfast club meeting, Joseph got aquainted with several club members. He is pictured here with his mother and one of his four sisters. Joseph is home schooled so he gets the chance to attend club meetings. He says of himself, "I'm twelve years old and live in Nashville. I fly a HobbyZone Sport Cub and am working on a programmable squadron of three F-35s. The first thing I learned about flying was that wind effects the plane. For example, it flips the plane over on the runway, it counters the plane's movements, it sends the plane into a fiery dive that ends with your plane in the middle of the asphalt in pieces -- twenty seconds from blowing up." He's learning.

Gene Kerr

Gene hails from White Bluff, Tennessee. Having been involved with control line airplanes in the past, he started his new experiences with a Sig Kadet Jr. airplane. Gene has since moved on to more demanding craft to fly like this micro electric Spitfire.