WWII Rascal

Photo Gallery 3:
Here are some pictures of EWMA members.

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Jim Hawkins

At a club meeting, Jim brought his Dumas kit seaplane for show and tell. She is a thing of beauty but wonder if he will have the nerve to take a chance damaging a work of art.

Bob Wright

Bob enjoys the club meetings and is at the field as much as possible. His T-28 Trojan has a nice scale look and is very realistic in the air and taxing on the ground. Bob says the plane is super stable and capable of maintaing flight at very slow speeds.

Sheldon Dreaddy

The jet is a F-15 which flies really well but is a handful. But according to Sheldon, "My superior piloting skills make it look easy. Bob Patterson and Dav Mettatal are very envious of my skill level." Sheldon is a great help when club picnics take place.

Steve Johnson

If you didn't know better, Steve appears to be happy about "winning" the COMA (Crash of the Month Award) plaque and hat. He had a spectacular hard "landing" with his helicopter. Steve is also the pilot of a full scale plane in which he loves to perform aerobatic stunts.

David Mettetal

Wonder what David is trying to figure out? Knowing Dave, he will solve the problem.

Tom Buida

The plane Tom is holding is an E-Flite Apprentice. Bob Patterson is helping him learn how to fly. Tom says that Bob is a great teacher but claims he is a marginal student. That may be the case but almost everyone is borderline when they started at the sticks.

Tom says, "I joined the club in late 2015 thinking I had a buyer for my business and I would have more time to learn how to fly RC airplanes. That deal fell through but I closed with a new buyer in May 2016. However, I still had to assist them for about three months during the transition.

"Personal business and vacations to Europe and the Caribbean in the Fall interfered with me getting to attend the meetings and start flying in earnest, but 2017 has been different. I have been to the airfield twice each week and have enjoyed being welcomed by the members."