Blue Angles Jet

Photo Gallery 7:
Here are some pictures of EWMA members.

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James Shacklett

When you are given lemons, make lemonade. That's just what James did on this day that was too windy to fly his R/C model airplanes -- so James flew another type of plane.

Bob Patterson

Bob is the principal trainer for our aspiring model airplane pilots. Bob is holding a beautiful WWI SPAD VIII powered by a RimFire 28-30-950 with a nice wood prop. And wouldn't you know it, the pilot looks just like American Ace Eddie Rickenbacker--complete with a scarf.

John Callighan

Being a member of EWMA means a lot to John. Hanging with the other guys and trying out new methods of building airplanes is very therapeutic for him.

Leon Dodd

As he works on his plane, Leon is sporting one of the offerings from the company store -- a stylish EWMA hat with a neat biplane logo.

Albert Watts and Larry Paxton

Tom Hunt's excellent flying Le Parcwatt adapted successfully to flying off of water. This is mainly due to the nice floats Larry constructed. Albert Watts (left) didn't plan to fly but he did bring a boat he made to rescue planes stranded in the water.

Richard Rust

EWMA's Grand Poobah ascended his throne shortly after the end of the War to Prevent Southern Independence (the Un-Civil War). Richard has tried to quit the office more than once but no one else is foolish enough to volunteer. In the photo, the plane being tossed is a Horizon Hobby ParkZone ultra-micro J-3 Cub. It is amazing how much wind it can stand and still fly with a decent amount of stability.