Photo Gallery 1:
Here are some pictures of EWMA members.

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Stephen Port

This Tiger Moth of Stephen's was a nine year labor of love and is a most magnificent work of art. He even fashioned workable hinges for the doors. Stephen's craftmanship and paint jobs are unsurpassed.

Sam Kennedy

Sam is a long time member who has converted his JR radio to 2.4GHz and bought his first electric. He is seen in this picture with his US Air Force T-28D Trojan which he has just finished progaming with his trasmitter.

Jim T. Graham

Jim T. is the head honcho for the Profile Brotherhood which is a group that only flies airplanes having a profile fuselage. He is better known in Pro Bro circles as "Billy Hell." Notice the "thousand-mile stare" that Jim T. always has when posing for pictures. The local gathering of the Pro Bros is called NashBro and is held at Leiper's Fork in September.

Dr. Bill Bradford

This large model is a WWI Fokker D.VII and is really a beaut! The plane is much larger than it appears in the photo. She is constructed of laser-cut balsa and the painted fiberglass parts and accurate scale lozenge camouflage covering on the bottom of the wings and tail give it an authentic look. There is an exceptional level of detail which includes the scale wheels, engine, simulated stamped metal fuselage sides, and molded guns. The dummy engine is a 6-cylinder Mercedes engine with exhaust stack and simulated rocker arms. The wing span is 65 inches and weighs an incredible 9 pounds. The D.VII uses an Eflite 60 motor with two 5000mAh LiPo batteries.

Mike DiStefano

Whenever there is a kid's program presented by the club for park headquarters, Mike is always present. Here he is seen working with a young learner.

Kevin Gallagher

Kevin and his son Patrick have been EWMA members since 2001. He makes club meetings when his schedule permits. At such a meeting, Kevin displayed a F-5 built by Steve Summitt. The Hobby-Lobby jet (photo taken from an iPhone 4) was converted to a high-performance bird by several structural procedures.